From dress pants to sweat pants, just be yourself

Conor Flynn, Staff Writer

Walking through the crowded halls of Parkview, you inevitably notice the attire of your fellow students. The guy at his locker may be “bumming it” by wearing a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie, while the girl you keep awkwardly bumping in to is decked out in high heels and a sundress. At school, the fashion choices of students range greatly—from lazy to lavish—and vary depending on the season.

            With most people, their personal sense of style is a common theme: they wear what they want based on how they feel that day or how they expect to feel the next day. For example, you wake up feeling tired or even go to bed late, and don’t want to take the energy to look like a magazine model.

            This is not always the case, however. Many of us—myself included—prefer to dress in a certain way or style. We stick to one kind of fashion trend throughout the school year and show up every day looking how we look on other days. If this is you, people may even notice when you do not follow your own guidelines. I, for example, tend to come to school in khakis and dress shirt with loafers, and I get asked if I am feeling alright when I come in shorts and a hoodie.

            If you do stick to a certain type of appearance throughout the school year, which one really fits you best? If you’re more of a person who wants to feel in control and maybe more refined, perhaps you should stick to a more professional attire. Wear khakis or pants—even skirts, if you are a girl—with a button-up, polo or blouse.

            What if that just isn’t you? What if you can not see yourself dressing like this? You may be more comfortable when you are relaxed and laid back, not caring what you are wearing just as long as it is comfortable. If this is the case, stick to athletic shorts or sweat pants and sport pretty much any kind of shoe. You can deck yourself out in basically any shirt, short or long sleeved, because with sweat pants, who cares? You are comfy.

            However, most people that tend to stick to a defined style usually just go casual. This is the type of outfit that goes with every day and every kind of weather. This is for those who wish to be relaxed but somewhat sharp, comfortable but professional. Keep to the jeans and t-shirts or the khaki shorts and tops, and you are prepared to meet the day any way it is thrown at you.

            Whatever your style, however you feel, dress to fit you. Wear what you want—provided it is in dress code—and be confident in your attire. Be happy with what you wear; after all, it stays with you all day.