It is raining musical biss

Aleksandra Zayac, Opinion Editor

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        It’s Raining Musical BlissThe weighty clouds have decided to unleash over Earth. Inside of buildings, people are chattering away, perhaps with music blasting. Would you like to be a part of it? In another place, the sun is shining through the windows while people work quietly on their assignments. Perhaps you would rather be a part of this?

                A person’s mood can be determined by slight factors such as the difference between sunshine and rain, blasting music or silence, and light conversations or alone time.  All three factors depend on a person’s personality and can vary from day to day.

                Sunny days are often viewed as the “pretty” days or the “perfect” days. Bright hours are often associated with uplifting moments and joyful periods of life. Even certain flowers are known to only bloom when the sun shines high in the sky.

                Senior Clary Herrera says, “The sun brightens up my days because I love to be outside the house and accomplishing my daily goals. I don’t like to be stuck inside all day.

                Those poor cloudy days never get the credit they deserve.  The drenching rain brings the greatest opportunities for running through the streets and jumping into the forming puddles, reflecting over a favorite book, or meeting friends for tea.

                Though we do not have much control over the weather, we do have control over what music to turn on and how loud, which can then boost moods. Listening to the brand new One Direction tune or a classic Beatles masterpiece can be the cure to any distress. Drowning out problems with dance party beats or flowing melodies can help one to forget any enduring troubles.

                Senior Brexton Ridley says, “When the music is on, I am dancing and grooving.”

                Sometimes, though, silence can be the best medicine. There are days when confining yourself in a room where it is easier to concentrate without any interruption can allow you to think through all your problems rationally.

                Another factor of personal peace occurs when put in conversational situations. When upset, many people prefer to either converse about the issue or about something to take their minds off the situation. These pointless conversations can help to find peace and, just as with the music blasting, forget about the trouble.

                Others, though, prefer to isolate themselves and sit quietly to ponder their current predicament until they privately find a solution to whatever problem they may have.

                Everyone has their own ways of finding true bliss. Whether you enjoy the clear or cloudy skies, melodious harmonies and endless chatter or peace and quiet, happiness is upon you. Enjoy every moment of every day, in whoever way you feel comfortable.