Bonfire Night


(Taken by Nana Ama Asare-Kwaah)

Friday, November 4th was the Parkview v. Brookwood game, where Brookwood won 31 to 10. 

The night before, the community gathered for Parkview’s Bonfire Night.

The night truly began about an hour before, as the Parkview Marching Band prepared to go out. Noah Sherman, sophomore percussionist, commented, “I remember going there because I had to, well I didn’t have to, but it was like volunteering for marching band. We kind of just went there to play some stand tunes.” 

The band marched down to the practice field to the strong and steady sound of drums. However, as they situated themselves to play, radio music played simultaneously. “Yeah, it was chaotic,” Sherman said. 

As for the fire itself, a pile of wood was placed on a section of the field, then drenched in lighter fluid. Finally, armed with an actual lighter, a staff member began lighting various parts of the kindling and starting small flames. Until, seemingly out of nowhere, it erupted, and Bonfire Night began.

“I just remember seeing the fire from all the way in the band room,” said Sherman.

“It’s pretty cool, it lasted not that long, but the fire was pretty cool. It feels like a house party. I wish the fire was bigger,” said sophomore Aren Dosani over the sound of the marching band and radio rap.

There were also food stands present at the Bonfire–Chick-fil-a sold sandwiches and fries. Scattered throughout the practice field were students and members of the Parkview community eating and talking. The majority of the crowd was focused around the radius of the fire itself, and outliers were scattered on the outer edges. 

As for the fire itself, it blew high and strong at the start, burnt pieces of wood and paper flying in the air and smoldering in the grass as nothing more than white pieces of ash. The fire was nothing more than ambered smolders long before the actual end of the night, at 9:30. 

Despite that, bonfire night was enjoyable. A comfortable tradition before a game.