Parkview Hit Hard by New “Devious Lick” Trend on TikTok


(Photo Courtesy of Cuyler Dunn)

On Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021, an email was sent out from the discipline office suggesting faculty to impose new rules on students wishing to use the restroom, due to the recent “Devious Lick” TikTok trend.

According to the email sent out by Ms. Smosny, “In light of the recent TikTok challenges spreading across social media, we have seen an increase of misbehavior and vandalism in our restrooms. We NEED YOUR HELP.”

The email, which is only a suggestion and is in no way mandatory, says faculty should limit students wishing to use the bathrooms during the first and last twenty minutes of class by not allowing them to go at all. The reason for this limitation is due to the newest, hottest trend hitting TikTok right now: “Devious Licks.”

The trend seems to have started on the 1st of September when user “jugg4elias” uploaded a TikTok of himself stealing disposable masks from his school, with the caption “A month into school… devious lick.” 

Since then, a wave of these “Devious Licks” has hit schools all across the nation, including here at Parkview. 

A “Devious Lick” is a trend wherein students post videos of themselves stealing hundreds, even thousands of dollars of school equipment, such as toilet seats, sinks, fire alarms, paper towel dispensers, and even ceiling tiles.

The 20/20 rule has been debated among the staff to be put into place since the beginning of the year, in faculty zoom sessions. 

Another suggested restriction, which was attached to the email, was a restroom sign out sheet for teachers to use in order to, as said in the email,  “Help us track who is out of the classroom during the times these ridiculous events are taking place.”

According to Ms. Smosny, the ones hit hardest here at Parkview aren’t the teachers, or students, but instead the poor custodial staff.

“The custodians have to take time out of their already busy day in order to clean up this foolishness.”

The question remains however, what exactly has happened to Parkview’s bathrooms for these restrictions to be seriously considered and suggested to each and every teacher? 

Several bathrooms have been hit hard according to Ms. Smosny, including writing on walls and stalls, plus entire toilet seats being stolen. This hurts the already overwhelmed custodial staff even further.

There is some hope however. A counter trend called “Angelic Yields” has been trending on TikTok, wherein students replace items, clean stalls, and all around improve the bathrooms of their schools. But as long as the “Devious Lick” trend continues in Parkview, the faculty, students, and especially the custodial staff will continue to suffer.