Parkview High School Technology Student Association DRESS-FOR-SUCESS

This picture represents students dressing for sucess.

This picture represents students dressing for sucess.

Parkview High School students dress in conditioned wear, around the school and walk proudly, in the halls on Tuesday, September 21, 2021.

As many students know, they are plenty of reasons why students dress in formal wear or uniform. You’ll see many people wearing ties, blazers, dress pants, nurse wear, etc…

But of these students, TSA students have a way to shine themselves; however, they are some who don’t like the shining part. They are some who are in TSA who do not participate in DRESS-FOR-SUCESS because they like to be ‘comfortable’.  

They are plenty of students and teachers who participate in the dress-for-success event.  I asked questions, “What would be the main reason why students participate in dress-for-success?” 

From this question, “Why do students participate in Dress for Success?” A TSA staff member, Camila Calvert, quotes, “Dressing for success empowers students to achieve on a greater scale…” She then mentions a system put in place where students participate in Dress-for- Sucess.

What is this point system? What does the point system do? How are points evaluated?

Simply put, the point system is where students participate in events that can give them points, Calvert says, “Dress for Sucess does count for TSA Leadership Development Point Sheet.” “This is the sheet which keeps track of the points needed to be in good standing through community service and participation!” 

When points are evaluated, it is only one reason why points would have more or fewer points than the other, it’s of two things: one, the importance of the event; two, the way the affects its surroundings, like charities and contributions to the community.