Parkview Arts Struggle Digitally


Marilyn Gomez Landaverde

This photograph is of art supplies in an Art classroom at Parkview.

Parkview art courses went digital in March 2020, with no in-person communication due to COVID-19.

Students join art classes to show themselves expressively. Digital learning negatively affected art courses when compared to in-person learning.

Parkview teachers provided both synchronous and asynchronous Zoom lessons and independent work. Students participated in digital learning with teachers and completed activities and assignments independently to meet assignment deadlines. However, many students did not turn in assignments on time or at all. It was decreasing their class participation in Art.

COVID-19 has made everyday life challenging for many individuals. This includes artists who need to be in school to work, use supplies, and be more active.

Parkview senior Sharon Yanez notes, “Art is a way to express yourself through drawing, painting, the way you dress, and many things. Digital decreased creativity with distractions, and creativity was not top tier, could have done better in person.”

Many students struggled to be creative and inventive. They had to use supplies that others did not have or had to purchase as school was digital. Students had fewer fun and meaningful activities to do.

Parkview senior Madison Bailey Roles explains, “Being at home made it so hard to find the motivation to finish and complete an art assignment. I had to gather the material that was a hassle, and it is so easy to push a class to the side. While at school, you have to use your ideas and creativity to work like people say the environment you are in affects your work.”

This explanation was the difference between in-person and digital school for her. Furthermore, her experience between both is widely different. Digital made a significant impact on her motivation emotionally.

Many students have the option between digital and in-person learning this year. The percentage of in-person students increased dramatically—increasing experience and improving creativity in Art.