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Parkview Highschool (PHS) students suffer from longer than usual before-school traffic, and it’s a tough situation.

After Digital Learning being the dominant method of school for a year and a half, Gwinnett County resumed full in-person learning for all students this year. Over the past seven and a half weeks of school, the campus has been suffering severely from traffic in the early mornings. 

You may be asking “why” morning student car rider traffic is a serious issue and the answer to that is “rules.” According to PHS transportation rules, if a student car rider is late past 7:15 in the morning they will be marked tardy and will need a pass to get to class. 

Although, if a student bus rider were to arrive late they have the privilege to be excused due to a probable delay in route. 

An email sent out to parents from PHS on August 11th stated: “Parent/student drop-off traffic has increased significantly, resulting in students arriving late for the 7:15 A.M. start of their 1st-period class. Please remember, whether you come from Five Forks Trickum Road or Arcado Road, Cole Drive is the only road leading to Parkview.” This email emphasizes the school’s position that it doesn’t matter what time or for what reason their student is late, they should be in class on time. 

PHS Sophomore Lameak Tesfaye has been affected by the increase in traffic. “I am constantly in a rush to make it to school every morning, the traffic is super long.” Lameak also said that he has been in multiple situations in just the first seven and a half weeks where he was nearly late to his 1st period. 

One of the solutions to making it to school on time would be to ride the bus. According to PHS Freshman Abel Yosef, a morning bus rider, “I feel comfortable on the bus, and I feel the bus is sanitized enough [to reduce the risk] of COVID. The only setback is the bus is always full and there are about two people in a seat every morning.”  That is what some parents fear.

Some parents feel that the amount of students in a cramped bus is unsafe for their children, which is why a majority of them have decided to take their children to school by car, causing major traffic. This, however, is understandable, which is why PHS has its solution to this problem: directing traffic. In the Email that was sent to parents regarding traffic, PHS also sent parents things to remember so they could manage themselves and help their children and other students get to school faster in the mornings.

  • There are two drop-off locations for students: behind the A Building adjacent to Camp Creek Elementary, and next to the E/F Building near the Press Box. The Stadium Parking lot is no longer being used for dropping off; it is for student parking only. 
  • When you drop your student, please pull as far forward as possible and have your student ready to exit the car. 
  • Turning right on Cole Drive as you exit campus helps with the flow of traffic. 
  • Please do not drop your student along Cole Drive. This creates a very dangerous situation for your student and other drivers.