Covid, and The Georgia Secretary of State Student Ambassadors


Courtesy of Georgia Secretary of State Student Ambassadors

The handpicked Georgia Secretary of State Student Ambassadors (GSSSA) has found their ability for events severely limited by Covid-19, and may not have any during the 2021-2022 school year.

Parkview GSSSA is led by assistant principal Dr. John Mangano, and faculty member David Reynolds. The Georgia Secretary of State Student Ambassadors was established by former secretary of state, and current governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp.

The way in which GSSSA students are chosen is via an application process.

The GSSSA consists of students who serve as ambassadors and must promote civic engagement, volunteerism, and voter registration within Parkview, and other schools.

They do this by hosting voter registration drives, speaking to their peers, and volunteering in their community. 

This school year, there are nine students in the GSSSA: three seniors, three juniors, and three sophomores. 

With the return to campus in August, the GSSSA was opened more, due to the pandemic and students being virtual last year. 

As Dr. Mangano puts it, “This year we kinda opened it up just for a little bit because we weren’t at full membership, just with the pandemic last year.”

 “So we opened it up to just fill the ranks a little bit”

While more students are able to join the GSSA this year, the field trips in the program are heavily impacted

The current Covid rates in Georgia have been increasing ever since July, which makes field trips, like going to the capital, more unlikely. However, Dr. Mangano has stated:

“We’re still kind of in the planning phase of this year, so we don’t have a calendar created yet, so we’re still working on that.”

All there is left to do is wait and see how Dr. Mangano and Mr. Reynolds deals with Parkview’s GSSSA’s Covid-19 problem, and the changes to the planned events.