Parkview Reveals Finalists For Teacher Of The Year Award

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.

Parkview High School narrowed down its annual “Teacher Of The Year Award” to three finalists last week. 

The finalists for the 2021-22 school year include the following teachers: Special Education teacher Jami Baars, Language Arts teacher Anela Buljubasic, and Latin teacher Miriam Patrick. 

This friendly, yet highly competitive competition between the teachers rewards the immense hard work that they put into their jobs daily. Many teachers put themselves in the running every year in hopes of seeking recognition for being a good teacher, but the reality is there can only be one winner.

Taking a closer look at one of the three finalists, Anela Buljubasic shares what being a finalist means to her. She says, “It’s an honor to be recognized and nominated, and then a finalist. It kind of gives you that sense of validation that you’re doing a good job and that it’s being recognized and supported. It’s a great accomplishment to be apart of.”

Although this is an amazing experience for any teacher to be apart of, it isn’t always as easy as it may appear. They face many hardships and obstacles behind closed doors in order to get to the point of being a finalist. “Last year for all of us was very difficult. Learning in a hybrid environment and teaching in-person while also teaching online at the same time was definitely a hardship,” states Ms. Buljubasic. She also goes onto say, “Last year we [her family] had a personal family tragedy that occurred, so having to come to work and put on a brave face everyday in order to teach my students skills of value while also struggling with the new platform of teaching was another hardship.”

Ms. Buljubasic, however, was prepared for whatever obstacle coming in the way of her teaching as she knew she wanted to pursue this as a career as early as 4th grade. She had a great teacher as a role model, and saw how hard she worked and what effect she had on her life. That caused Ms. Buljubasic to realize that “at the age of nine I wanted to inspire, help, encourage, motivate, and teach students who needed a good mentor in their lives’.”

Aside from teachers, students may not think this award pertains to them in any way but it does. Without them, the teachers would not be able to perform their best at their jobs. Ms. Buljubasic agrees with this and exclaimed, “If last year taught us anything it was that teachers need students, and students need their teachers. Not just for the instruction and learning but really for the society and community. They also teach me everyday and I learn something new from them, good things and bad things.”

While on the topic of students being involved with the award, Freshman Deaundre Clarke also gives his opinion on why it’s important for teachers to be recognized. Deaundre says, “I think it’s really important for teachers to be recognized with the award. It shows just how hard they work, and what kind of teacher they are. The better the teacher, the better the students.”

Ultimately, one of the three finalists will be chosen to represent Parkview as the “Teacher of The Year”. Congratulations to whomever it may be, and also to the two other finalists!