Georgia’s Senate Runoff Election


Sen. Kelly Loeffler, Rev. Raphael Warnock, Sen. David Perdue, and Jon Ossoff. Courtesy of Vox.

50 Republican and 48 democratic Senate seats have been confirmed, with the country waiting for the 2 Senate seats to be decided from Georgia. Since candidates did not win majority votes, then the two highest finishers will compete in a runoff election.Republican senator David Perdue had received 49.7% of the vote, with Democratic Jon Ossoff taking 48%. democratic candidate Raphael Warnock took 32.9% of the vote and was followed by incumbent Republican senator Kelly Loffler at 25.9% of votes. 

Georgia is currently the star of the political world.  Joe Biden is the first Democratic president to win Georgia since 1992 and it is projected that Democrats will control the House of Representatives. This runoff has the potential to give Democrats control of the Senate as well. If Ossoff and Warnock win both seats, the Senate will split evenly between the GOP and DNC. The VP of the U.S.  is automatically named the non-voting President of the Senate, who is given the power to break ties in the Senate. Ties would be broken by elected Democrat VP Kamala Harris. The DNC could have control of both houses of Congress in addition to the White House which could significantly help Biden’s plans.

Since Tuesday, Democrat Ossoff has been on a 4 day campaign tour, visiting six Georgia cities. Ossoff’s campaign staff has expanded and plans to engage the 23,000 teens who will be eligible to vote by the runoff. Their team has engaged thousands of democratic volunteers to educate Georgians on how to reapply for absentee ballots, how to register to vote in this runoff, and spread support for his campaign. Opponent and Republican Incumbent, Perdue, has not held a public event for runoff campaigning. However, Republican Florida Senator Rick Scott speaks out in support of Perdue and Loeffler. This morning, Perdue tweets that Ossoff wants to “radically change America by defunding the police, give millions of illegal immigrants the right to vote, and make Washington DC the 51st state.”

Senator Kelly Loeffler has released “The Modernizing Americans’ Health Care Plan” which she claims the plan covers pre-existing conditions, lowers cost of health care, expands access to healthcare for all Americans. On Loeffler’s website, she claims, “The Left wants to socialize our nation’s health care, turning it into a government-run system that would limit choice, lower the quality of care and take away private health insurance from roughly 180 million Americans. Throughout the pandemic, I have advocated for a patient-centered approach to health care and greater tele-health services and fought against increasing drug prices and a socialist health system, and this plan will continue to build on those efforts.” Her opponent Raphael Warnock’s main focus on health care is to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. protect and build on the Affordable Care Act. In an Interview with CNN, Warnock states, “Healthcare is on the ballot; Access to affordable healthcare. We’ve got 500,000 Georgians in the medicaid gap. We’ve got 1.8M Georgians with pre-existing conditions. If Kelly Loeffler has her way, people who have asthma and people who have hypertension, diabetes. These are folks in my family and in my church. Folks who are survivors of cancer, may find themselves without healthcare”. 

Loeffler and Warnock have both taken blows at each other. Recently it has been discovered that Warnock has been arrested in the past. Records show he was arrested 18 years ago and charged with obstructing a police investigation. Warnock was protecting a group of campers rights, who were minors. Detectives began to ask them questions without their legal guardian or lawyer present. This led to the charges being dropped and blamed on miscommunication. Despite this, Republicans continue to use this to attack his campaign.

If you meet voter requirements, make sure to go out and exercise your right to vote. The registration deadline is December 7th. If you turn 18 before then, you are legally allowed to vote as long as you are registered. Election Day is January 5th 2021. Early Voting begins December 14th and is open until December 31. If you prefer to vote through an absentee ballot, it is required that you apply for one.  You can do this online, by mail, by fax, or in person. If you are unable to vote you can do things to help your preferred candidate like making donations or volunteering for phone banking. The future of our country relies on the participation of the youth, please make sure to make your voice heard in this election.