Carolyn Bordeaux Flips the House Seat


The democratic representative Carolyn Bordeaux secures the house seat for the seventh congressional district of Georgia. (Photo Courtesy of Atlanta Jewish Times)

Carolyn Bordeaux has successfully won Georgia’s seventh congressional district and representing the Democratic party. In doing so, she flips the house seat for the state of Georgia. 

The seventh congressional district covers both Forsyth and Gwinnett Counties, including the Parkview community. The now retiring republican, Rob Woodall, will be giving his spot to the Democrat representative Bordeaux. Bordeaux ran against Rich McCormick, who was running for the Republican seat.

Both candidates who ran had differing views on how to aid issues pertaining to COVID-19. Amidst the pandemic, there are several reasons why the counties collectively made a switch from a Republican seat to a Democratic one. Associated Press states, “The Democrat pushed for more expansive government support for health care, while McCormick called for deregulation and further loosening of the rules under former President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.”

Upon Bordeaux’s win, McCormick has not made an official statement. She succeeded in surpassing McCormick with 10,343 votes. These results contrast with the last race in 2018, where she ran against the now retiring Woodall. Woodall won against Bordeaux with under 500 votes. 

According to CNBC, “In the last decade, the 7th District has become more racially diverse, higher educated and wealthier — all characteristics that trend Democratic”. This dramatic change likely contributed to the shift in favor of the democratic party over the long Republican past.

With her position and platform as someone who has worked in public service her entire life, Bordeaux stands to ensure affordable healthcare and education for all. As well as being able to help contribute to democracy, she wants to be reliable in providing a future for not only her son but all children. In doing so, she says, “I am running because I believe in a country that is diverse, inclusive, and global in its outlook and aspirations. I hope you’ll join me in this fight. It’s time to finish the job.”