ROTC Gets Involved with Toys 4 Tots

Maymunah Showkat, Photo Editor

  The holiday season is approaching – temperatures are decreasing at an alarming rate, Christmas lights decorate the exteriors of houses and the feeling of joy pervades the crisp air. Christmas is a time to celebrate and surround yourself with family and friends. One factor of Christmas that millions of individuals partake in is the exchange of gifts. Buying gifts for loved ones is a practice that exhibits gratitude and appreciation. However, many individuals are not able to experience this luxury. Thousands of children find themselves at an economic disadvantage. They are not able to participate in a custom that is incredibly prevalent in America. Fortunately, Toys 4 Tots makes an attempt to fix this dilemma. 

     Toys 4 Tots, founded in 1947, is partnered with the U.S. Marine Corps to bring joy to unfortunate children. The program originated with Bill Hendricks, a Marine Corps Reserve Major. Once the idea was established, Hendricks made sure to involve many influential friends and acquaintances, including Walt Disney. Soon enough, the Toys 4 Tots program became a national fundraiser. Every year, unwrapped toys are collected through local campaigns. Toys are collected in every state and within 800 different communities. On Christmas day, they are distributed by coordinators and volunteers. So far, Toys 4 Tots has distributed 566 million toys and has supported 258 million unfortunate kids.

    Parkview’s very own JROTC program is hosting a campaign to help bring hope to these children. You can make a difference in someone’s life by donating money or a new unopened toy. Donations will be taken in the ROTC gym until December 20th.