PTA Reflections: Look Within

Tina Dong, Copy Editor

  PTA Reflections is a cultural arts competition that includes six categories including visual arts, photography, literature, film production, dance choreography, and music composition. Every year there is also a different theme that allows students to express their creativity. This year, the theme is ‘Look Within’. Students were able to turn in their entries to the media center. 

     In the visual arts category, first place winner for 9th grade was Azalea Thomas. Tenth grade winner was Terryll Jackson. Eleventh grade winner was Saumya Gade with Annamarie Thompson coming in second. Finally, the twelfth grade second placer was Mary Wang. The competition also includes a Special Artist category for visual arts. This year, Parkview had two special artists- Alex Guardado and Quynn Truong. 9th grader Sijia She also came in first place for 3D visual arts. 

     In photography, Brooke Godfree, 9th grade, placed second. In tenth grade, Mahliet Demessie placed first with Zoe Wilson in second. Demessie’s photo consisted of a skeleton over a human body. She says, “I knew I wanted to do something that makes everyone the same and the first thing that came to my head was a skeleton… I wanted it to appeal to anyone.” 

Ashtin Baker finished first for eleventh grade photography. Twelfth grade winner was Joshua Brown and Maegan Stidham came in second. 

     In the literature category, Noah Campbell came in first place for 9th grade and Will Eubanks came in second. Tenth grade first placer was Caleb Lux and Gabriel Thompson came in first for eleventh graders. Thompson chose to write a poem that was a metaphor for the mind and self esteem. He says, “I’m intrigued by the mind and personal perception… it’s important to me.” Twelfth grade winner was Jackson Heilman. 

     All winners will be proceeding to the county level to be judged, and the panel of judges will decide if the entries will proceed to the state level.