New Stories in the Library

Nia Embry, Editor-in-chief

With the new changes to the media center, it has attracted the attention of students and teachers alike. Many are inquisitve about what happened to the many rows of books and what they will be replaced with. Mrs. Lin Hoover is the new media specialist from South Gwinnett.  

She has brought in new ideas that could help the media center become a more welcoming spot for students so they can, “research, collaborate, use the technology, and read books!”,I have taken all the books that were on the shelves, on the floor, and added new shelving from Camp Creek Elementary,  and put the shelving on the wall, so now all the books are on the wall”, she says. This leaves for a more organized system as the books are organized by genre. With this new change, she says, “We plan to add more collaborative space, so we can stimulate our young minds”. This means more sofas and soft seating to read and sit with peers. “I have ‘weeded’, as we say in the media world, books that were twenty-five years old and older. We are not allowed to donate them so they go back to GCPS.” 

Near one of the entrances, on the blue wall, there is a mural being painted by a student who won a creative contest. “The popular vote was ‘Represent Atlanta’, so we put in those that represented Atlanta”, says Mrs. Hoover. There are many more new plans for the library coming soon. “We are trying to create a more welcoming and warm space for our students of all nationalities” she says. Mrs. Hoover has a small basket for students and teachers alike to give their opinions on what books they believe should be included in the selections.