Child Genius

Reshma Hakani, Staff Writer

Laurent Simons, a nine-year-old boy from Belgium, is a child with a great mind and great ambitions. Laurent grew up with his grandparents while his parents worked in the Netherlands. Now he lives with his parents in Amsterdam. Simon’s grandfather would always boast about Laurent’s intelligence to his parents and that’s when they realized: Laurent was a child genius. 

 At the young age of six, Laurent began high school and earned his high school diploma at seven. He was often ‘bored’ with how easy school was because his ability to absorb and obtain knowledge was so high. Today, he studies at a university and is on the pathway to earning his bachelor’s degree. In a few weeks, he will be one of the youngest people to graduate from a university at a mere age of nine years old. 

Even more impressive is the subject he is studying: electrical engineering. After he earns his Ph.D., he knows he wants to develop artificial organs, specifically hearts. In an interview for The New York Times, he revealed he wanted to help people like his grandparents who suffered with heart conditions. With an IQ of 145 and a photographic memory, Laurent is destined to do big things. He studies currently at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands and is on track to complete a three year program in eight months. His past teachers were also shocked by his capabilities to soak up knowledge like a sponge. The staff there describes him as “simply extraordinary”. 

Although he was born with a wonderful gift, he is also still young and his parents recognize that. He is not put under pressure to get serious about his future. In addition, even though Simons has computer-like intelligence, he is like any other kid his age. He is a very sympathetic individual and has his fair share of hobbies like Fortnite and Netflix. You can find him on instagram, thriving with more than 13,000 followers, or going for a swim. Intelligence is just the half of it.