Students participate in real-life school civics lessons

Sarah Khorasi, Managing Editor

Georgia’s governor race had both political parties scrambling for the win. Previous to the elections, Stacy Abrams was winning the early election polls. Shortly after, the polls began to fluctuate, causing interest to arise: would Abrams make American history? If results had been similar to the student election held here at Parkview, Abrams would have. The results were done on a survey inclusive of 2,359 responses. Abrams won in a landslide with a gaping 65.1%or 1,523 of the vote. Dr. John Mangano, the assistant principal, when asked about his predictions stated, “We live in a predominantly republican area, but it’s starting to lean towards democratic.” As said, there were 27.3% or 639 people that voted for Brian Kemp. This didn’t match the Georgia outcome but it did give a great insight into how parents would be voting. Another surprising factor would be Ted Metz, the libertarian candidate, who won 7.6% or 176 votes. Usually the party only gains 3-4% of the vote and is a deciding factor in elections. This could also provide a look into how the young population would vote when they become of age. The election for the 4th district was a lot closer than the governor race. Johnson won 59.5% or 1,377 of the vote and Joe Profit won 40.5% or 936. Johnson was the incumbent, meaning he was running for re-election. Another district 4 race was between Republican Churck Studebaker and Everton Blair. Blair won the vote with a 61.7% or 1,427 majority in contrast to Studebaker with 38.3% or 834 votes. Mangano also predicted that, “ A lot of Gwinnett will vote democratic, it potentially be a deciding factor.” While the Democrats definitely won over Parkview’s student body with their ideology, it seems as though the state of Georgia contrasted with these common core beliefs. However, it’s good to know our state is headed towards change with young minds challenging older opinions.