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Kalee Wiley, Co-Editor In Chief

PTSA Reflections is a contest where students enter artwork centered around a theme. The 2018 theme was “Heroes Around Us” There are many entry categories, ranging from Dance Choreography, Literature, Photography, and Visual Arts. In addition, there is a division for a Special Artist in the school. This year it was awarded to Adam Farah for “Weather Dudes on the Beach”. His entries will be displayed at the Area 1 Exhibit and be judged at the Georgia State level. Contestants are in sections depending on their grade level. The only requirement to enter the contest is that you must be a student. Students must sign a form informing what category their piece belongs to and the title of it. They can turn in their entries through the Media Center. The piece a student enters must follow the theme for the year and be school appropriate. First place winners will go on to compete at the Gwinnett County level. If they pass the county, they will go on to the state level.
For Dance Choreography, the first place winner was Joy Ren, a 10th grader. Her dance was called “Fighting Soul”. She was the only one to enter for this section. Ren’s dance will go to compete in Gwinnett County level.
In Literature, the works can be in forms such as poetry, short stories, plays, and essays. In the ninth grade, first place was Tina Dong for her poem, “My Mighty Mother”. Second place was Bella Maradiaga for “Heroes”. Third place was Kennedy Randle for “The Power of Music”. In tenth grade, the first place and second place was Nuzhat Ahmed for Her and Just a Dream. Third place was Kristen Newstreet for Mother Dearest. Newstreet said “I was excited because I felt like my mother got the recognition she deserved. The theme of the reflection gave me a perfect chance to praise my mom a little…”.In eleventh grade, first place winner was Annsley White for “A Hero in My Heart”. White stated “It meant a lot because the letter was to my grandmother, who passed away last year. I was very close to her, so winning made me feel closer to her.” Second place was Zoe Flores for “The Definition of a Hero”. Third Place was Muskan Babwani for “Heroes Among Us”. In twelfth grade, Adam Lux won first place for his “A Letter to Those Who Serve”. Second place was Alyssa Perry for “Every One a Hero”. Ali Chandrani won third place for “Bells Ringing”.
For Photography, the entries were photos taken by the students. For the ninth grade winner was Ruhee Merchant for “Heroes are Hidden”. In tenth grade, Anusha Kotadiya won first place for “In and Out”. Jordan Trippany won second place for “Stella”. Brennan Thomas won third place for “Fallen Rose”. In the eleventh grade, Maegan Stidham won first place for “Purple Heart”. In the second place, “Without the Dark, We Wouldn’t Know the Light” by Savannah Strejcek. In third place was Veronica Silva for “Sergeant Silva”. In addition, there was an honorable mention to Angel Ahabne for “Heroes of the Past”. In twelfth grade, the first place winner was Nneoma Emeka for “Our Future”. Also, Emeka receives an honorable mention for another piece she submitted called “The Forgotten Lives”. Millie Busby won second for “My Greatest Hero”. Third place went to Wani Edwards for “Angel in Disguise”. Another Honorable Mention was given to Natalie Heyward for “Reflections of the Soul”
In Visual Arts, this category presents artwork such as drawings and paintings. For 9th Grade, the first place winner was Rebecca Carpenter for “Looking Outside”. Carpenter states “ I’m happy that my efforts over the last few years were kinda validated like it shows that I actually have been improving and that all this time wasn’t for nothing”. In second place was Gabriella McCord for “Boxing for Love”. In tenth grade, first place was Abigail Ruiz for “Together Unstoppable”. In the second place was Kimberly Reyes for “Then and Now”. In eleventh grade, first place was Mary Wang for “Reflection: The Clothes of a Hero”. In second place was Jaelyn Bennett for “Meditation in the West”. In third place was Daisy Nguyen for “Reflection”. Finally, in twelfth grade, the first place winner was Layla Harrell for “Extol”. In the second place was Amya Hendrix for “Femme”. In third place was An Nguyen for “Hero Among Us”.