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Trump brings an unpredictable future

Anika Akbar, Opinions Editor

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Viewers all across the world watched as the results from the election piled in. Following possibly the dirtiest campaigning between both candidates since 1828, businessman Donald Trump has become the president-elect. Now all we are left to wonder what’s in store for the next four years.

Looking at the bigger picture, Trump can’t be that bad, right? Junior Madison Tiegreen believes that “when he gets into office, he’s not going to be as extreme as everyone believes he is,” adding, “I hope he does work with other people because he isn’t experienced and some of his dreams are a little too far.” However, with the recent spread of hate in his name, Americans are already feeling dread.

He told the perpetrators to “stop it” in CBS News’s 60 Minutes, but they may be using his name as an excuse to act so heinously.

“The isolated incidents by ‘Trump supporters’ are not a true reflection of Trump,” AP Government teacher David Reynolds explains, “People are very frustrated and very disrespectful as a group.” What’s appalling is that these people actually feel that it is okay to say or do these acts if they do it “for Trump.” Maybe we can expect more of a crackdown on all of these atrocities, leaving more room for acceptance.

However, ignorance can go both ways; those who are opposed to Trump also seem to be misguided in terms of his beneficial policies. He wants more educated Americans, reduction in poverty, and hopefully a decrease in the national debt. Just how exactly does Trump plan on achieving this? By negotiating more fair trade deals in attempts to increase wages and jobs in America, providing more money going into K-12 education, and reducing student debts and costs of college. With his experience in business, this could honestly be possible, since when it comes to money, he knows how to get the best possible agreement to benefit his side of things—in this case, America.  However, politicians usually have a habit of not following through with their promises. Only time will tell if the same can be said about the president-elect.

As for that wall, it’s very unpredictable as to what Trump plans with that. “The wall is more of a vetting process to make sure that we know who [the immigrants] are, and also so we can feel comfortable with them. It’s more of a national security perspective than hating on people,” Reynolds says. Due to it being one of the major points in his election, the wall along the Mexican-American border could be one of the very first things Trump does once he is officially inaugurated next month.

Can Trump actually “Make America Great Again?” Depending on how Americans respond in the next four years, there’s a possibility. Who knows? He may be an amazing president or set the whole country aflame.


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Trump brings an unpredictable future