QuestBridge grants Opportunities

Sarah Khorasi, Staff Writers

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With college applications approaching deadlines, seniors here at Parkview are no doubt looking for potential scholarships. One such program with high prestige is known as QuestBridge. QuestBridge is a non-profit scholarship program that partners with various colleges to give students a chance at early admissions with a full ride.

Students at Parkview have applied for this scholarship anxious to find out whether they qualify or not. One student who qualified was Tanish Pradhan, current valedictorian of the senior class, who is actively engaged in TSA and many other clubs. This scholarship is highly selective and Pradhan went through an extensive process to qualify. “The scholarship consisted of a rigorous application process comprised of in depth personal essays as well as an account of one’s academic and extracurricular performance,” he explains.

How exactly does one qualify? He explains, “I was chosen based on my financial and meritocratic situation, which poses to be an amazing opportunity for me and others who exhibit a promise for learning to be able to branch out and connect with colleges who support the students’ career choices.”

This scholarship is a huge deal because it gives an endless possibility of career choices. Qualifying can affect a person’s life greatly and may even put them into shock. Pradhan’s initial reaction was “shock and astonishment as being selected as a finalist opened up the door to numerous opportunities to support the financial aspect of [his] life.”

He stated his dream college is RICE University and he hopes to be matched with that college for its amazing biomedical engineering program. He heard about the scholarship from a fellow peer that attends RICE who suggested him to apply for it.

What sets him apart from others? Pradhan believes that he is set apart from others applying because he was selected for the Questbridge College Prep Program as a junior. This made him well aware of the expectations and criteria for selection which allows him to cater his application and effectively share his story.

Tanish Pradhan has succeeded in his high school experience and there is no doubt he will continue into college successful.