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Black student Union unites

Hydiah Sylla, Editor-in-chief

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From the start of slavery to modern day America, injustice has plagued African Americans. Issues such as discrimination and racism that people had previously thought were long gone have been brought to the surface as the nation becomes more technologically advanced. Black Student Union, a new club at Parkview, aims to increase the awareness of relevant issues in the black community as well promote education amongst the black youth. “There are so many issues facing the black community that no one wants to face, it’s important that we have [a black student union] to empower the black youth here [at Parkview] and encourage them to succeed,” said co-president Fasica Mersha, “ We want to inspire students to know they can make a difference.”
Black Student Union meets every other Friday at various locations, depending on the topic of the meeting. Topics such as racism and education have been discussed during the previous meetings. Mersha commented, “We plan on having some guest speakers from schools like Morehouse to talk about their college experience at an HBCU.” Dues are $20 and pay for a club t-shirt, food at meetings, and some of the socials. Huskers, the Pink Hotel, and Apple Butter sponsor the club, and the officers plan on hosting an event at each of the three businesses.
Black Student Unions are common at colleges and universities, but before starting the club at Parkview, junior co-presidents Fasica Mersha and Brianna Wood, nervously anticipated students’ reactions. The number one question that officers have received is, “Is this club only open to black students?” Fortunately, the club is open to any and everyone who is interested. “I think it’s important to promote a sense of unity in the community… the main premise of BSU is education, and we want to educate people and bring in other voices,” said co-president Brianna Wood.
There is hope that this club will continue to address racial issues and ultimately promote growth within the community. Any students who have not paid dues but are interested in joining should contact a club officer for more information.

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Black student Union unites