Marching band kicks into high gear

Marching band kicks into high gear

Grace Kim, Opinion Editor

For most people, spending several hours each day walking around on a hot field sounds anything but pleasant. However, this is the norm for members of Parkview’s marching band, who have been practicing their marching formations since the summer before school started. While most students are still in vacation mode, marching band members are kicking into high gear as football season begins.

The marching band practices every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and the practices last from about an hour and a half to over three hours long. During practices, band members spend most of the time learning and rehearsing the formations and drills. “We’re out practicing so much that we start to gain muscles from holding our instruments for so long,” said junior Jaylin Parham.

The theme for this year’s marching show is based on the Les Miserables, which is a musical adapted from the French novel by Victor Hugo . The show includes four movements, which are called the opener, the ballad, the percussion feature, and the closer. Pieces featured in the show include “I Dreamed a Dream,” “At the End of the Day,” and “One Day More.”

In addition to playing shows during football games, the marching band also participates in contests. This season, the band will be playing in three competitions. There will be an exhibition open to family and friends on September 13, and the first real competition will take place on September 27 at South Forsyth High School. “I enjoy hearing other bands around Gwinnett and comparing our band to theirs. [Marching band] is an underappreciated sport, but it’s always a wonderful experience,” said junior Mike Reynolds.