Student Elections Take Parkview by Storm


Grace Kim

Sophomore Sarah Nguyen stands with her campaign poster for junior class vice president.

Grace Kim, Staff Writer

Near the end of each school year, student elections are all the buzz around Parkview. It is the time of the year when various clubs have elections for next year’s officers, which means campaigning, campaigning, and more campaigning for determined candidates. Clubs such as Beta, TSA, Volunteer Parkview, and Student Council have all held elections for officer positions.

For students that ran for a position, it was a time of stress and anxiety. Reaching out to friends, classmates, and strangers is a tiring process, but to the candidates, it was worth it if it meant getting elected as an officer for a club. “Although running for officer is hard work, I do it because it means I could make a difference in a club,” said sophomore Fariha Khazi.

The processes for elections are different for each club. For Beta Club, which had its elections recently, each candidate had to make a brief speech in front of all the club’s members. The candidates talked about everything from contributions they have already made to the club to any changes they would make in the future. “It was cool seeing everyone’s speeches and hearing their slogans,” says sophomore Christina Rincon.

Candidates that are ran for student council class officers were often seen passing out handouts during class, lunch, or in the halls. The handouts ranged from candy and baked goods to stickers and backpack tags. Things got pretty crazy as candidates rushed to reach out to as many classmates as possible.

It is no argument that the student elections are a big time for Parkview students. Whether they are candidates, voters, or teachers, everyone is affected by them in some way.