Parkview’s Odyssey of the Mind: Where Geniuses Unite


Grace Kim, Staff Writer

Anyone involved in group activities has probably heard the phrase “There is no “I” in team several times. However, members of Parkview’s Odyssey of the Mind take this to a whole new level. Students in Odyssey of the Mind must learn to collaborate in order to feed off of the creativity of one another.

In Odyssey of the Mind, students are given problems and challenges that they must solve creatively with their teams. However, these are not just any problems. The problems are often abstract, and require the inventive minds of those who are able to think outside of the box.

For example, one of the challenges that members faced last year was to create a performance with two characters to find three works of art that had disappeared. They also had to build a piece of artwork from history during the time period between 1000 and 1600, and include a musical arrangement with a choreographed dance.

Parkview’ Odyssey of the Mind members are currently gearing up for the state finals competition which will take place in Columbus, GA on March 29, 2014. This is a big event, which means long practices and late nights for members. Schools from all over the state will be there competing for the state title.


During Odyssey of the Mind competitions, teams must present their productions or solutions to a panel of judges who judge them based on the creativity of the solution, and how all of their components came together. Teams must also partake in an improvisation event called Spontaneous in which they are given a problem that they have five minutes to solve. “Spontaneous opens up your creativity and keeps the gears in your brain turning,” says sophomore Jaylin Parham. Some of the challenges may be hands on while others are verbal.

Although Odyssey of the Mind requires dedication and hard work, it is also very rewarding. “Odyssey of the Mind is cool because we each bring our own individual talents to the table,” says sophomore Caroline Jernigan.  Everyone has his or her own unique skills that contribute to the team such as writing, singing, acting, dancing, and constructing skills. Odyssey of the Mind is where brilliant minds come together to create fascinating solutions to unusual challenges.