We all sing for All-State

Sophomores Meghan Ashey and Moira Mitchell prepare for All-State.

Christina Rincon

Sophomores Meghan Ashey and Moira Mitchell prepare for All-State.

Grace Kim, Staff Writer

As choral All-State draws near, chorus students sing their hearts out in preparation of the event. This year’s choral All-State will take place in Athens, GA on February 20-22. Students going to All-State for the first time are both nervous and excited as they prepare to sing with some of the top vocalists in Georgia.

Prior to All-State, students must go through two auditions. In the first audition, students must sing a solo, take a music theory test, and sight sing a music piece. If they make the cut after the first audition, they must go through a second audition where they sing the music that will be performed at All-State. The audition processes bring flurries of emotions. “I was so nervous before going into the audition, but I felt so relieved after,” recounts sophomore Sabrina Giang.

Once the students arrive at All-State, they must go through several vigorous rehearsal sessions, averaging eight hours a day for three days. The singers get to work with top conductors from all around the country. According to the Georgia Music Educators Association website, some of the conductors include Peter Eklund, Joe Miller, and Rosephanye Powell.

“The rehearsals are exhausting and sometimes they even seem impossible, but all the hard work pays off when you get to perform in front of a crowded auditorium,” says sophomore Christina Rincon, who is no stranger to chorus All-State. On the third day of All-State, all of the singers put on a performance, showcasing their talents. Students of different grade levels put on their own performances. For the singers, it is the perfect end to an exhilarating experience.