Friday Night Funkin’


The Friday Night Funkin’ game’s start page (Photo Courtesy Of NinjaMuffin99, the developer of the game)

The free indie rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin, is on the rise to popularity recently amongst the gaming community. The game follows the story of the character you play, Boyfriend, who is on an adventure to win Girlfriend’s dad’s approval, Daddy Dearest, to date his daughter. Unlike most circumstances, when looking for permission from the father, it turns out that Daddy Dearest is an ex-rockstar. This adventure consists of going on several rap battles throughout the game and meeting new characters who try to prevent Boyfriend from getting his utmost goal, a kiss and a date from Girlfriend.


For those familiar with the Dance Dance Revolution game style, this game is similar except that it takes place on the keyboard. Using the arrow keys (up, down, left, and right), you match your opponent’s moves as you attempt to make every arrow that comes on-screen and fill up the gauge on the bottom of your screen. This then allows you to move on to the next song.


There are two modes that the game can be played in: story mode and free play. Story mode goes by weeks, which also can be known as chapters amongst other games. To begin, the player is granted the freedom to go about playing any week they choose. Each week has three songs. The player mostly plays against the same character each week. So far what is available to play in story mode is the Tutorial and the weeks in chronological order up until week six. The tutorial consists of Girlfriend giving directions on how to play, instructing the player on the game’s basics. In free play, you can play the songs separately from that of the week bundle in story mode so if the player wants to play a specific song. 


There are also different game modes to play each week at. This goes for both game modes. This ranges from three different modes of easy, normal, and hard. The entertaining thing about this community is that others create modifications that can be played to make the game more interesting. It also adds more difficulty to the game.


Another unique feature of the game is the hip-hop or rap theme. This goes for the music and the art style of the play as well. For example, a lot of the music that you play is developed around this and the character’s clothes and colors of the environment. Not to mention the backgrounds are urban as well. Thanks to KawaiSprite, the music producer, upon making the game’s music of the game, for those who genuinely enjoy the music offered, they can find the official soundtrack on all streaming platforms. For those who do not like to lose, there is no need to fret as the game over song is easy to enjoy as well as the other songs you play. It might even be relaxing to lose. 


Friday Night Funkin was released mid-November in 2020 and gained tremendous popularity in December once Youtubers and streamers alike played the game. Despite the game gaining so much attention, the game remains free to play on and the well-known website Newgrounds.