Arsenal logo (photo courtesy of Tina Dong).

Arsenal logo (photo courtesy of Tina Dong).

Arsenal is a first-person shooting (FPS) game on the popular game forum Roblox. Created in 2015 by the group ROLVe Community, the game has gradually become one of the most popular on Roblox as it has acquired over one billion visits and 2.5 million favorites. 

The game is based on taking down and beating the opposing team/players, and it has six game modes- standard, competitive, randomizer, gun rotation, railgun royale, and concussion mania. In the standard game mode, players obtain a new gun after each kill until they reach the golden knife, which is obtainable after 32 kills. A kill with the golden knife ensures victory. 

The competitive game mode is similar to the standard, with the only difference being that to win, the final kill must be obtained using the golden gun, which is obtained after 31 kills. 

Gun rotation is also an exciting game mode. True to its name, this mode goes through a rotation of guns every round, with each player having the same guns every 20 seconds. In order to win, players must obtain 32 kills with the guns given, then get a golden knife kill. These three game modes are among the most popular as they both require either the classic golden gun/golden knife to win. 

On the other hand, the other three game modes have a different structure. Railgun royale is based on using only one gun- the railgun. Players need to obtain 17 kills to win, with 16 being railgun kills then one golden gun kill. Similarly, concussion mania requires 17 kills, but all 17 must be obtained using the concussion rifle, hence the name. Finally, the last game mode is Randomizer. This mode is based on each player starting with a different gun. Each time a player dies, they will respawn with a new weapon. Randomizer games are timed for two minutes, and the player with the most kills after the given time wins the game. 

These modes can be played with two teams, four teams, and as a free for all (FFA). The specifics are determined by players at the end of each round. 

In addition to the variety of game modes, Arsenal also offers a large variety of maps to play on. These include Agency, Safehouse (ironic), Dizzy, Hillside, Aircraft, Street Corner, Height Freights, Tuscan, Midtown, Glacier, Canals, Kitchen Khaos, ROLVe station, Assault, Boulevard, and of course the most notable ones: Sandtown, Beach, Matrix, and Villa. 

Roblox is known for its lego-like avatars, and Arsenal stays true to that aesthetic. However, the developers put their unique spin on the classic block characters. The game possesses a store that contains different character skins ranging from witches to construction workers to robots. Many skins can be purchased with in-game coins. Each win and round ends with every participating player earning coins. There are also weekly and monthly prizes that grant coins. The game makes it easy for players to get their hands on new skins for both their avatars and weapons- but that’s only from the perspective of an experienced player. For beginners, it’ll take time to collect coins, as weekly and monthly prizes require more skill to complete and earn. To summarize, the game’s difficulty varies with player skill and level. The game utilizes the classic WASD keys to move and the spacebar to jump (customizable in settings). While the game is relatively easy and uses basic movements, those who are unaccustomed might have difficulty adjusting. 

As previously mentioned, Arsenal is a Roblox game, meaning that the design on the characters and maps are made of block-like structures. This deals a massive blow to the graphics of the game. The maps aren’t as complex and detailed as other, more popularized games such as Final Fantasy and Genshin Impact. However, it’s important to emphasize that while the game is lacking in graphics, it is amongst the better ones on the platform. The majority of Roblox games must follow a similar structure because of how the forum was constructed, and thus further advancement of maps and graphics are virtually impossible. Despite this, there are still positive aspects to the lack of detail. Since the entire game is made of blocks, it’s extremely easy to discern players from the background. With detailed environmental designs, it can be challenging to recognize where players are situated. That isn’t an issue faced by this game. 

All Arsenal players begin at level zero and work their way up. As the player kill count increases, experience increases, which leads to player levels increasing. As levels increase, more experience is required to rank up. This system is a common one, but it dramatically improves the game’s replayability, as the game has no level cap in sight. Furthermore, Arsenal isn’t a story game, which means there isn’t a definite plot with an end and a beginning. The game can be played over and over with a variety of different players of different ranks. 

All in all, the game is unique as it’s one of the few decent FPS games on Roblox, but the central concepts are nothing the world hasn’t seen before. With its simplistic structure, the game is best suited for those who are just starting to get into FPS games or any shooting game at all. But be warned- despite Roblox’s age rating of 7+ and the fact that it is catered to younger children, it is still wildly addicting.