“Wonder (Deluxe)” leaves the Mendes Army streaming for days


The cover of the long-awaited album of Shawn Mendes, “Wonder (Deluxe)” (Courtesy of Genius.com)

Dropped on December 4th, Shawn Mendes releases his album “Wonder (Deluxe)” after a 2-year hiatus.Track List
1. “Intro”
2. “Wonder”
3. “Higher”
4. “24 hours”
5. “Teach Me How To Love”
6. “Call My Friends”
7. “Dream”
8. “Song For No One”
9. “Monster” feat. Justin Bieber
10. “305”
11. “Always Been You”
12. “Piece of You”
13. “Look Up At The Stars”
14. “Can’t Imagine”
15. “The Christmas Song” feat. Camila Cabello

At last, Shawn Mendes has given fans 15 songs to add to their playlists since his last album, “Shawn Mendes” from 2018. Despite just being released at the beginning of this week, as of December 8th his collaboration with Justin Bieber “Monster” has reached the top 50 of Billboard’s Top 100 Chart.

Despite its early success, fans are showing mixed reactions to the contexts of the songs in the album. By just reading the lyrics, everyone could tell that these songs were hand-written for his one-and-only, Camila Cabello. Even seeing her featured in one of the songs left the Mendes Army dissatisfied.

Although many songs were made obvious such as “Teach Me How To Love” and “24 Hours” I didn’t find them bad because of the context. Generally, I give this album an 8/10, and these are some of the reasons why:

As a person who still has Shawn Mendes’ debut album “Handwritten” on replay, I was left a bit disappointed by the lack of his signature acoustic sound in this album. Since “Shawn Mendes,”- it was apparent Shawn was trying to shed his old guitar sound and transition more into pop beats. Despite this, his emotional voice still carries the sentiments from his old music, which left me no reason not to enjoy. I can’t “Imagine” what I would be without this album.

“Song For No One” did it for me for this album. A semi-acoustic piece that highlights Shawn’s voice, ending perfectly with string instruments, bells, and guitar. Another one of my favorites from the album was “Wonder,” the titular song. Although not having any acoustic sounds, the choral vocals give off a similar sentiment. It wouldn’t be fair if I left this song out of my list: “Call My Friends” is a song I never thought would be my favorite. It starts with a soft piano, but once the chorus comes, so does a groovy drum and bass sound. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be having these 3 songs on repeat for the next month.

Now let’s start talking about the visuals of this album. I am one of those people who actually judges an album by its cover– a little shameful habit of mine. “Wonder (Deluxe)” has an album cover that I believe gives off all of the album’s emotions starting from the intro song. I knew I wasn’t going to get a hard pop sound from the album just by looking at Shawn in the water with the words “In Wonder” repeated in cursive. The filter exudes winter vibes, perfectly fit for the weather. The title song’s music video was released in early October, long before the album was released, and contains emotions that differ from the rest of the songs. It starts with Shawn in a train in his seat, but once the pre-chorus comes, he travels parts of the train until he escapes through the roof. Throughout the music video, it shows Shawn running across a forest all the way to a cliff above the ocean. The visuals of this journey changed throughout the calm and explosive build-ups and expressed Shawn’s feelings extraordinarily.

I know I wasn’t the only one who felt satisfied with this long-awaited album. While still keeping old Shawn vibes,“Wonder (Deluxe)”’ has impressive visuals and a sound that left many listeners favoriting songs to put into their playlists. It is safe to say that Shawn Mendes never misses.