Among Us: A new way to connect


Players stand together in the cafeteria in the Among Us map The Skeld. Photo courtesy of Tina Dong.

Since the start of quarantine, it’s become progressively more difficult for students to find opportunities to rendezvous with their friends. In light of these new circumstances, many have turned to a game that has skyrocketed to popularity: Among Us.

While this game was released in 2018, it wasn’t until 2020 that it became popular due to many Twitch and YouTube streamers playing. From there, the game spread onto TikTok, a social media platform accessible to millions of teenagers and students, including students who attend Parkview. 

With the discovery of this hidden gem, people of all ages rushed to download the game. Players could choose between downloading it for free on the app store or paying 4.99 for the game on Steam, a video game distributor. 

Among Us is a game based on the concept of crewmates and imposters, where crewmates have to find the imposters while doing a variety of tasks. While this game offers randomized lobbies for those who want to play with people worldwide, it also provides private lobbies players can use to game with their friends, which is what many opt to do. Georgia State University freshman Muna Mohamed says, “It’s addicting because I like yelling at my friends and lying, then getting away with it… I play with friends because I know them and can be as dumb as possible with them.”

The world’s current climate makes it nearly impossible for many to spend quality, in-person time with their friends. However, this game changes things. Not only can players join lobbies with their friends, but they can also utilize communication apps such as Discord, Houseparty, Zoom, and Facetime to communicate with their friends in-game. 

Among Us has provided means of interacting with friends even if players can’t be with them in person. The game has also created ways to connect with acquaintances who were once strangers. Junior Kayla Nguyen says, “Honestly, I’ve made a lot of friends through the game. Like I’ve become closer with a lot of mutuals because Among Us is just a really easy common ground, so you don’t have to worry about awkward conversation starters or anything… you’re just playing a game, so it’s really easy to talk to new people or your friend’s mutuals.”

With all the challenges that have been presented as COVID rages on, it was a stroke of good fortune when Among Us became popular. It’s provided entertainment while giving players a chance to reconnect with those they treasure.