Last christmas

Alice Guzman, Staff Writer

“Last Christmas” is not only a song by the English pop duo WHAM!it’s also a new melodrama movie that has recently been released to theaters inspired by that song. Last Christmas contains romance, comedy, drama and the holiday feel good factor. The movie was released on November 8th of this year and so far only has forty-seven percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Although forty-seven percent might not seem that high, many had mixed emotions about this film. 

In the movie, we follow a young woman named Kate, played by Emilia Clarke, who is struggling with life until she meets Tom, played by Henry Golding, who seemingly shows up when she most needs someone to help her get on track. Throughout the movie Tom helps Kate “look up” at the brighter side of life. While the movie sets up a love story between the two, it seems as he is giving the tools for self love, a chance to reconnect with family and to help others through her love of music. 

The movie also contains a huge twist which many say was predictable. With the trailer being released on August 14th, many guessed almost exactly how the movie would pan out. That still didn’t stop most people from seeing it. Kate’s love interest Tom ends up not being real at all. It wasn’t made clear whether he was a ghost or spirit guide for Kate, but it was definitely made clear that he died tragically last christmas at the same time Kate had her heart transplant. Tom donates his heart to Kate but she still doesn’t take care of herself and his heart which leads to him coming back to help her get her life back in order, mentally and physically. She sees the better side of things and does start treating herself right as well as helping others and her family. Emilia Clarke suffered from health scares of her own similarly to her character Kate which adds extra emotion and a connection to her part. Overall, the movie contains many emotions that will keep you watching it over and over. It has many factors that you’ll be sure to enjoy and recommend to others.