Christmas belles

Zoe Flores, Editor-in-chief

    Parkview Performing Arts will perform the Christmas comedy, Christmas Belles,  Saturday December 6th at 2:30 and 7:30 and December 7th at 2:30. Christmas Belles takes place in the town of Fayro Texas and follows the story of the three Futrelle sisters. Honey Raye Futrelle, played by senior Izzy Berhanu, has taken over the task of directing the annual Christmas pageant for their local church and is currently suffering with menopause. Frankie Futrelle, played by senior Nya Singleton, is weeks overdue with twins. Twink Futrelle, played by senior Zoe Flores, is currently in jail for setting half the town on fire and is set on revenge against her ex. What occurs is a chaotic Christmas pageant and a decades old secret being revealed. 

    The set contains various locations including a fellowship hall, preacher study, santa meet and greet location, locker room, and a police station. The set is very complex, but looks amazing to the audience. Senior crew member Veronica Silvia says, “The set took a while to build, but it was worth it because it looks good on stage.” 

    Christmas Belles is a feel good comedy that anyone who loves Christmas or southern comedies will enjoy. The supporting characters are all hilarious and add even more to the show. Senior cast member Kaitlin Berry states, “I think anyone can enjoy the show because there’s a lot of funny moments in it. There’s also a lot of southern comedy that the audience will really enjoy.” Come see this delightful show to get into the Christmas spirit! To buy tickets for Christmas Belles, it’s $7 on GoFan and $10 at the door.