Chicken Wings

Phillip Hoang, Staff Writer

There are many different types of appetizers, but the best one are wings. You can get them crispy, fried, spicy, and more. Many stores sell wings around Lilburn, Georgia, but not all of them are good. 5 stores and 1 person eating them. Helping people figure out what are the best wings for your money. American Deli, Atl’s Best WIngs, Touchdown wings, A1 wings, and Buffalo House Cafe. A1 wings gives you amazing fried rice with a nice crispy wings for you to eat. The wings was crispy and juicy. They weren’t cheap, but they weren’t expensive. The price was affordable and well worth it. It’ll be a 3.5 out of 5 for the wings. Next up is buffalo House Cafe. They have one of the best crispy wings ever. Their wings are all flavorful and juicy. They have amazing lemon pepper wings, which everybody loves. There hot wings were actually good, you can choose how spicy you want the wings to be. It’ll be a 4 out of 5 for their wings. Touchdown wings are next on the chopping block. The wings are pretty nice and juicy.