Search & Seizure


Rory Abrams

Security officers in at the Gwinnett courthouse.

Donald Abrams, Entertainment Editor

Students can be punished for the things they bring to school. To prevent school rule breaking or indeed law breaking, a school authority figure is allowed to search a student’s locker, desk, car or other storage location. The authority figures can also search one’s book bag, sack, or pockets when the conditions are met.

“I feel that students should be allowed a right to have privacy as long as they follow the rules of our legitimate school system,” Andrew Gordon.

Outside school, students, like other citizens of the United States have laws protecting them against what is known as “unreasonable search and Seizure.” Outside of school, the police need a court warrant to legally search property, but school officials just need a reason to suspect the student of possessing illegal materials or “reasonable suspicion.” This is because, in lieu of parents, the Parkview staff especially the assistant principals like Dr. Hall or Dr McCalla are the acting authority figures in the “house” of Parkview.

“As far as being an assistant principal, we don’t have probable cause, probable cause is a police matter, we just need reasonable suspicion something is not right. This is because as administrators we have jurisdiction over you guys in absence of your parents or “loco parentis”. We become your parents during the hours you guys are here,” Dr. McCalla.

Parkview is property of the Gwinnett school system which is why they don’t need a warrant to search the property. They can search cars, lockers and book bags. School is not privet property house so one must be aware of what is brought to it. This is for the safety of all who attend Parkview.

“We don’t just go out and search cars. And we will usually take the student with us when we go and search,” Dr. McCalla.