Parkview’s Daring Drama Department


Junior Eli Bowen acts in Short Attention Span Theater.

Jordan Rice, Online Editor

Parkview’s drama department is greatly enjoyed by the students taking part in it. Many aspiring thespians go through the program and are greatly influenced by the sense of camaraderie and teamwork skills they develop over the years.

“This year’s spring performances will all be amazing. The skits will all be very entertaining, come for a fun time. The parts are all really well written and performed,” said hopeful sophomore Sophie Dhanani.

The drama students show a lot of fervor and adherence to the program, and mention it as a major learning experience for plenty of life lessons.

“It creates a strong feeling of friendship and family when you work with others for that much time,” says junior Julie Wang, “You really learn things like time management and patience for others, I can’t think of any real negatives to being in drama.”

Additionally, other students mention learning several skills like learning how to mask their emotions and overcome stage fright or social anxiety from their time in drama. Along with that they comment that they’ve gained loads of experience understanding one another.

“No one is more significant than anyone else. The crew member who moves a chair on is just as important as the lead actor. A good performance is a lot like life. Everyone has their individual part, and while for some people their part may seem small, they all come together to make something incredible,” notes junior Keaton Law.

The club’s next performance is Alice in Wonderland, which will take place in March. Alice in Wonderland, based of course of off the famous novel by Lewis Carroll with only a few minor differences, is set to be the group’s best performance yet.