Robin Hood’s showy showing


Photo courtesy of Victoria McClureTaylor

Maid Marian played by Ella Yates (12th) steps on Robin Hood played By Keaton Law (11th)

Rory Abrams, Staff Writer

Robin Hood is an English folk hero whose story constantly inspires telling after telling in European culture. Most are familiar with the tale of the hero who steals from the rich and gives to the poor and fights the evil Prince John (lightning sounds) and his sheriff, it’s been done over and over.

Most are aware of at least one spin-off or parody, so if modern storytellers want to reintroduce the story to the populace, they have to tell Robin Hood’s tale from a new angle. Parkview’s drama department took on the challenge.

Parkview’s Theater Arts department preformed a take on the popular story of Robin Hood. The theater department performed this play excellently though they deviated from theater norm by constantly breaking the fourth wall.

The main character Robin Hood was played by Keaton Law (11). His character frequently broke the fourth wall making references to the horn that plays heroic music every time his name was mentioned, the lightning strike from which all the charters flinch whenever Prince John’s (played by Eli Bowen 11th grade) name is dropped, and even called the stage manager Brenna Meek into the spotlight to explain the script.
The main characters were all aware that they were in a high school performance of Robin Hood. They went so far as to comment on the fact that all the actors playing the marry men were merry women, saying that as a high school drama department, the “girls outnumber the guys three to one.”

The performance had a generous supply of puns as well. At the beginning of the play when they were getting set up, Robin was given a literal red bow instead of his trademark weapon.

The actors who played the Lil John, Duncan, Friar Tuck, and Robin (in order Drew Thompson, Andrew Flynn, Ian Chamberlain, and Keaton Law) did a skit in the play, a pun on the Hood of Robin Hood, preforming gangster rap mid scene.
Drama club junior Sabrina Farley said the most interesting thing about this performance was “all the stuff that happened backstage.”

The lead, Keaton Law, said the most interesting aspect was “watching the entire thing come together, turning the concept into a tangible idea.”

Prince John was played by Eli Bowen, Maid Marian was played by Ella Yates, Friar Tuck was played by Ian Chamberlain, Lil John was played by Drew Thompson, Duncan was played by Andrew Flynn, the stage director was Brenna Meek, the sound was handled by Spencer Poole, the sheriff was played by Kaiya Walker, and Robin Hood was played by Keaton Law.

This performance reminded me of a Robin Hood parody named Men In Tights, directed by Mel Brooks in 1993. Many of Parkview’s ideas seemed to originate from this classic comedy. This is the closest you are going to come because once the shows over its over.

The crew and cast line up for the bows at the end of the performance
Photo courtesy of Victoria McClure Taylor
The crew and cast line up for the bows at the end of the performance