Chaco craze prevails

Chaco craze prevails

Grace Kim, Opinion Editor

Anyone who does not live under a rock has probably noticed a widespread shoe trend at Parkview: Chacos sandals. The Chacos brand has been around for 25 years, but the shoe has not exploded at Parkview until recent years. The sandals can be seen worn on both genders, and they come in a variety of styles and colors.

What makes these sandals so enticing? “Chacos are very comfortable and the patterns on the straps are really colorful,” said junior Lacey Krakowiak. “I went trekking in Ireland with them and it was great.”

Invented in Paonia, CO by founder Mark Paigen, Chacos were originally created for use on rivers. Since then, Chacos have evolved to become an essential shoe for adventurous people who love the outdoors. However, many people also wear them for daily use. Chacos are perfect for people who like shoes with good arch support and durability; they are even certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Unlike other trends that come and go at Parkview, many students believe Chacos are here to stay. “I don’t consider them a fad,” said junior Elizabeth Izzo. “They are hiking sandals.”

Chacos are a little pricey when being compared to other popular shoes such as Toms, Converse, and Vans, but to many students, they are well worth the cost. Many students have agreed that the quality of the shoes is reason enough to purchase them.

Overall, it seems as if Chacos will be around for a while. Everyone who has them seems to love them, and the Chacos brand has quite the cult following, not just at Parkview, but all over the country.