Parkview’s hidden bands

Rory Abrams, Staff Writer

A Garage where bands might be practicing.
Rory Abrams
A Garage where bands might be practicing.

More Than Alive, a metal band, was formed by students right here at Parkview in 2012. Its members are, Casey Faulkner the lead Guitar, Diana Chavez who handles vocals, Cody Gillmore who plays bass, Joseph Chavez who does drums, and Dillon Boulet who also sings vocals. Casey Fulkner and Diana Chavez recently graduated Parkview. They played The Masquerade this past July, a live music venue located in downtown Atlanta. They also have a public Facebook page, look out for future performances. “Our music is the way we express ourselves when we feel our voices can’t be heard” says Dillon Boulet.

Another band located at Parkview TReffect, currently has two members, Ryan Latisch a sophomore who plays guitar and Trim Pilici a sophomore who sings their vocals. They were established in 2013 and are a pop band. They have yet to make a public performance. They love to sing if I die young by The Band Parry. “We want to show that even if you don’t go big, having fun is more important” says the guitar player Ryan.
There are many garage bands that we are unaware of. There are many musical groups outside the band and orchestra. It is very likely there are many more bands at Parkview practicing in their garages. To find new bands you must keep your ears to the ground or to the neighborhoods.