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Justin Timberlake has perfect vision with his new album

Kristina Pavlova, Entertainment Editor

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He is back at it! After waiting a whole seven years for Justin Timberlake to reenter the music business, fans have not been left disappointed by his third album. The album kicked off with the release of single “Suit & Tie,” featuring rapper Jay Z, and a craze then began with fans everywhere anticipating the release of The 20/20 Experience.

Parkview students have quickly grown fond of the album, listening to it nonstop. Senior Brexton Ridley says, “JT not only brings sexy back, he brings back style, class, swag, and the true definition of R&B music.”

The album takes several different directions while still enabling Timberlake to remain true to his roots. He titles his album The 20/20 Experience because it is music you can see that sets itself apart from anything anyone has ever done. The album features 10 tracks, almost each one being more than seven minutes long; Timberlake fans know that this is typical for the singer. Here is a track-by-track breakdown of each mesmerizing song:

  1. “Pusher Love Girl:” This eight-minute opener with an orchestral intro is the perfect way for Timberlake to bring himself back to the table and prove to everyone he still has it. The calming tone of the song will have you as addicted to the track as Timberlake is to the girl he sings about.
  2. “Suit & Tie:” If you have not yet heard “Suit & Tie,” you may be living under a rock. Since the day Timberlake released this, it has been playing everywhere, including performances given by the singer on Saturday Night Live and the Grammy’s. It is the catchiest song on the album and is sure to still be playing on the radio until Timberlake’s fourth album.
  3. “Don’t Hold the Wall:” The first 15 seconds of the song might make you think it is a calming, slow song, but do not be fooled. The intensity soon begins with tribal chants and drumming, and Timbaland’s production of the track becomes apparent during the middle of the song when he begins his voiceover.
  4. “Strawberry Bubblegum:” This is very different from “Don’t Hold the Wall” and shows how Timberlake is able to easily transition between different genres as this is more R&B. The track is very peaceful and helps listeners have a “mellow mellow mellow day” as he sings.
  5. “Tunnel Vision:” The beats on this track are perfectly executed; it reminds fans why they fell in love with Timberlake in the first place. It is the kind of song you would listen to if you just want to dance, having the “I know you like it” melody beginning the song constantly throughout the background while Timberlake is singing.
  6. “Spaceship Coupe:” Here comes the highlight of the album! This is what fans have been waiting seven years for. Senior Jordan Bryant explains, “It is definitely one of the best songs on the CD that takes you to another world.”
  7. “That Girl:” The shortest song of the album begins by the singer falsely introducing the “band” singing as “JT & the Tennessee Kids.” This song sounds very old school and soulful. It will have you falling in love with that boy.
  8. “Let The Groove Get In:” This is perhaps the most unique song on the album, having a style never done by Timberlake before. It features “an electronic approximation of a batucada rhythm, overlaid with ferocious afrobeat horns” as describes it.
  9. “Mirrors:” This is considered the epic song of The 20/20 Experience. Throughout the first half of the eight-minute song, Timberlake sings of not wanting to lose his other half. The second half mainly consists of him chanting and singing “You are the love of my life.”  
  10. “Blue Ocean Floor:” The album ends with the slowest and deepest song on the album. Timberlake sings of being far away from the one you love but always being there for that person. It allows listeners to truly see how Timberlake has grown as an artist through these long seven years, and it makes the wait worthwhile.
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Justin Timberlake has perfect vision with his new album