Tina’s Column–New Amsterdam

Tina Dong, Copy Editor

     New Amsterdam is an NBC medical drama show that premiered on September 25th, 2018. The show starts off by introducing Dr. Max Goodwin, who is the medical director of a major hospital in New York- New Amsterdam. Right after being assigned this role, he implemented many changes such as firing a large majority of the hospital staff because he believed it would benefit the people of New York. As expected, this major change resulted in chaos. The show did a great job portraying the issues that would’ve undoubtedly risen up, but the problem lies in that all these issues ended up having perfect solutions. 

     Another downside to the show is that it can often be corny and predictable. Max’s wife, Georgia, was a talented professional dancer who gave up her dreams to take care of their daughter because she and Max had agreed to put aside their busy lives to start their family. However, Max betrayed Georgia by taking the job of being New Amsterdam’s medical director. This plot of betrayal has already been used many, many times and is honestly a cliché. Viewers can clearly tell that Max will do anything to win Georgia back, but his duties as medical director will hold him back. Having a cliché plot like this is overused and tasteless, as viewers can expect what will happen next. 


    However, the predictability and perfect solutions is what makes New Amsterdam a heartwarming show. Even though having a resolution to every conflict can often seem unrealistic, it provides a very satisfying ending for the viewer as they can rest assured that the characters they’ve grown attached to will be okay. The show does throw in a death here and there that could result in some tears, but ultimately every operation turns out well. True to its genre, the show is packed with drama but at the end, everything falls into place.