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Ray Rockman Got a Music Column

Josh Farber, Columnist
January 19, 2017 • 358 views
Filed under Opinion

A$AP Mob: The Cozy Tapes Campbell, Hannah The A$AP Mob, led by A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg is a hip-hop collective formed in Harlem, New York with the initial members being A$AP Yams, A$AP Bari, and A$AP Illz. This extravagant group rose to popularity due to the successes of A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg....

Film Factor

Peter Fedyk, Columnist
January 19, 2017 • 341 views
Filed under Opinion

“A movie is only as good as its villain” is a common phrase that circulates through most filmgoers. This holds true for me since my favorite characters from all fictional sources usually oppose the side of good. Films that lack a villain of conviction also lack emotional connection between the plot...

Minimum wage has very minimal financial affects

Joshua Farber, Staff writer
January 18, 2017 • 271 views
Filed under Opinion

America’s fall will occur when the average working person can’t afford to pay their bills. The last time the minimum wage increased was in 2009, when Obama served his first year of his presidency. Now, in late 2016, Donald Trump will be president and the minimum wage has not increased. Since 2009...

Common Core standards expect too much out of students

Anika Akbar, Opinions Editor
January 18, 2017 • 296 views
Filed under Opinion

From Maine to the coast of California, students follow the exact same curriculum through what is known as the Common Core. In order to develop critical thinking, standards are created to set goals for students concerning the amount of knowledge they attain in English/Language Arts and Mathematics by...

Gentrification changes cities for the not so better

Hydiah Sylla, Co- Editor in Chief
January 18, 2017 • 309 views
Filed under Opinion

The city of Atlanta is rapidly growing on a day to day basis. The rapidly growing city houses many inhabitants, but in recent years some have lost their homes and cities have lost culture, to the new kid on the block: gentrification.The definition of gentrification often varies from source to source,...

People need to walk on the right side of the hallway

Peter Fedyk, Columnist
January 18, 2017 • 359 views
Filed under Opinion

Walking on the right side of the hall has been a grain planted in the minds of all student from a young age. It prevents traffic, creates an efficient system, and is overall safer for everyone. However, this grain must have been lost in translation as the hallway etiquette has been misinterpreted and...

Students are losing it over school-related stress

Madison Johnson, Co- Editor in cheif
January 18, 2017 • 288 views
Filed under Opinion

The story of teenage stress is a tale as old as time, especially when the end of the semester is looming over us like a massive black cloud. Teachers take it upon themselves to dump what feels like a million things on us all at once: essays, research papers, and projects; if it's that time of year, then...

Should we demand Patriotism? NO

Madison Johnson, Co- Editor in cheif
January 18, 2017 • 251 views
Filed under Opinion

“We the people.” These three words have echoed throughout the country for the past two hundred years, but no words have been spoken louder than the ones we say as we rise to our feet and press our palms over our hearts. “I pledge allegiance to the flag,” Students and sports teams across the country...

Should we demand Patriotism? YES

Jenny Nguyen, Copy Editor
January 18, 2017 • 277 views
Filed under Opinion

With Colin Kaepernick’s noteworthy protest of the national anthem during a preseason football game and refusal to vote in the 2016 election, the nation has been consequently embroiled in outrage and heavy debate. Amidst these disputes, the nation’s very own emblems are gradually falling out of favor...

The International Spector

Miroslav Georgiev, Staff writer
January 17, 2017 • 263 views
Filed under Opinion

China's ambitions are growing, and have been ever since its market liberalization and rapid economic growth instituted by Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s. Communism and Imperialism ordinarily do not go together — unless, that is, one talks about China. China has been hard at work buying Greece's largest...

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