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Electric Cars vs. Gas Cars

Yadira Ramirez, Staff Writer

January 2, 2020

National Geographic states, “It's also true that most of an automobile's environmental impact, perhaps 80 to 90 percent, will be due to fuel consumption and emissions of air pollution and greenhouse gases that climate scientists say are driving global warming.” Vehicles are a great advancement to society because ...


Monica Mohamed, Staff Writer

January 2, 2020

  School fights are all over any school. Usually over a little issue over dating or maybe even something deeper. Sadly, many people get pulled into fights they didn’t even start and get punished for it too. In many schools, fights are recorded onto your record depending on how severe the fight was. Th...

Trump Impeachment

Liya Tsegaye, Staff Writer

January 2, 2020

Trump has been president of the United Stars since 2016. His election was a complete shock and surprise to many Americans, as many people suspected he wouldn’t win. He went up against Hillary Clinton, who was a shoo-in, as most people thought. Her husband previously being a former president sealed...

Mental Illness

Muskan Babwani, Editor

December 14, 2019

In recent times, there has been an increase in rates of mental illness in teens. The result of this has hindered the lives of many teens and preadolescent every step of the way. There are many factors which risk one’s mental health. Consumption of drugs and alcohol, being overloaded with work result...

High School friends-BFFs forever or just until we graduate?

Kalee Wiley, Co-Editor-in-Chief

January 9, 2019

. When high school students graduate and began their adulthood through college they often leave behind their friends. However, they can always make new friends in college, yet some students lose their opportunity and do not make friends at all. Yet many students believe it is not possible to remain frie...

Are we locked in or out?

William Vo, Staff Writer

January 9, 2019

What’s that sound? No, it’s not the construction. It’s the doorbell! Parkview is introducing a new policy, known as the doorbell policy, with an estimated start date somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas Break, according to Principal David T, Smith. With this new policy, all main entrance...

Should Affirmative Action Polices Be Banned?

March 16, 2018

Affirmative action is a form of discrimination where universities or places of employment favor applicants based on their minority standpoint in society.

Gun Control: No

Gun Control: No

Hannah Campbell, Online Editor

November 10, 2017

“...The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” As the Constitution states, it is the citizen's right to have a gun and it shall not be violated. Many people's argument for why guns should be outlawed is because of the murders that are caused by them. Chicago, Illinois...

Gun control: Yes

Gun control: Yes

Marie Stanford, business manager, News Editor

November 10, 2017

Last month, 64-year-old Stephan Paddock took 23 firearms to a hotel room in Las Vegas, where he committed one of the deadliest mass shootings in history. With more than 59 people killed and 500 people injured, it has been stirring up more controversy about gun control. What is horrifying is the fact...

Halloween Costumes: Where’s the line?

Candler Clark, Opinions Editor

October 23, 2017

With Halloween coming up soon, people are beginning to voice their concerns over cultural appropriation. In the past, many people have taken ideas for Halloween costumes from other cultures, wearing sacred clothing, items, or tattoos. A very controversial part of this debate is dressing in traditional...

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