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Making Politics Real–Government Corruption

Ruhee Merchant, Online Editor

January 2, 2020

Immorality within governments is causing countries to become plagued with a devastating precedence of inefficiency which can lead to their rapid downward spiral. Corruption is prominent within a plethora of countries and has been perpetuated throughout a span of years, however is not receiving any at...

Murder on my mind column–56Caylee Anthony Case

Isabel Segre, Staff Writer

January 2, 2020

On July 15, 2008, the Orange County Sheriff’s office receives a frantic call from Cindy Anthony where she says: “I found out my granddaughter has been taken, she has been missing for a month.” Her granddaughter was two-year-old Caylee Anthony, who at the time of this call had been missing for ...

Music Column–Movies with the Best Soundtracks

Maymunah Showkat, Photo Editor

January 2, 2020

       Movies are something that everyone can enjoy- they can make you laugh, cry and long for love. There are many aspects that go into a beautiful movie. An outstanding movie has artistic cinematography, a captivating plot and an amazing music soundtrack. Soundtracks may be the last thi...

Our Bizarre World

Monica Mohamed, Staff Writer

January 2, 2020

     Foot binding, an unfamiliar practice that was once spread across the big nation China. Foot binding is the tradition of binding one’s feet with a piece of cloth. The feet are bound with the toes facing down towards the sole. Golden Lotus Feet represents the result of foot binding which in...

Tina’s Column–New Amsterdam

Tina Dong, Copy Editor

January 2, 2020

     New Amsterdam is an NBC medical drama show that premiered on September 25th, 2018. The show starts off by introducing Dr. Max Goodwin, who is the medical director of a major hospital in New York- New Amsterdam. Right after being assigned this role, he implemented many changes such as firing a l...

The Global Corner

The Global Corner

Catie Gelting, Features Editor

March 15, 2018

Elections around the world With the turn of a new calendar page, comes a series of elections which will shape the world. The past year brought many elections with global impacts that will continue to be seen in the coming elections. Past elections of importance (or just interesting ones) occurred in Ameri...

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