Thuy Pham, Editor in Chief of design

Kickstarter ignites new innovations

With its mission to “help bring creative projects to life,” the American corporation, Kickstarter, offers an outlet for artists, musicians, fashion designers, filmmakers, and innovators to transcend their ideas to the public and make their ideas a reality. The creative platform allows an enormous and vibrant community of developers to share their ideas as well as ask for pledges. In exchange, for their monetary contributions, the audiences have the opportunity to mold a universe and culture in which they have a say in the next invention, game, film, etc. Since its launch on April 28, 2009, Kickstarter has had 14 million people back 131,170 projects, accumulating approximately $3.3 billion dollars. Currently, thousands of creative projects in the categories of art, comics, crafts, dance, design, fashion, film & video, food, games, journalism, music, photography, publishing, technology, and theater are coming to life. Some of my favorites in 2017 include but not are limited to:

  1. Design: Vessi – The World’s First 100% Waterproof Knit Shoes by Vessi Footwear are lightweight and waterproof sneakers intended to keep feet dry no matter the weather. Vessi utilizes its proprietary one-piece process and Nano-filtering membrane to keep the water out, so the consumer does not have to compromise style for functionality. Watching through its live demonstrations and testimonials, I was baffled that no liquid could leak into the shoes, despite the creators pouring buckets of water on the shoes. Overall, the form-fitting shoes are able to balance comfort and durability with functionality.
  2. Publishing: 100 Gods of Egypt by Tamara L. Siuda is a book comprised of one hundred articles on ancient Egyptian deities. In addition to compiling informative essays on each deity and spirits, the author also included her personal photographs from Egyptian sites, antiquities, and professional illustrations. Tentatively, the book is reportedly being published in February 2019, and I know the book will significantly contribute to ongoing literature around Egyptian history. As someone who has always been intrigued by the Egyptians and their way of life, I have high hopes for this publication.

Food: Help save La Gattara, Arizona’s only Cat Café by Melissa Pruitt is a donation platform for people to help fund La Gattara. In order for the cat lounge to stay open and continue to uphold its permit, the business is asking for donations to build a wall separating the cat lounge from the boutique and front door. Since its temporary open six months ago, the café has adopted 126 kittens and found homes for 131 cats and kittens.