Notes from Cuba

Holiday's in Cuba V.S. America

Carlos Alonso, Photography Manager

Every country has different ways to celebrate holidays. I am from Cuba, and I moved here almost two years ago.I’ve realized how different the celebrations are and the different holidays between Cuba and the U.S.

Here in the U.S, there are some holidays and celebrations that aren’t celebrated in Cuba. One big example is Halloween, which isn’t a tradition in Cuba even when some people celebrate it, doing some custom parties in their house. Kids don’t go out to trick or treat, and stores don’t have specials offers. There are not Halloween stores to buy the customs, and most of the people’s costumes are homemade. People put a lot of effort in their costumes to look different and get some interaction with the people in the street that don’t know what Halloween is. Some language schools with a good ranking plan big parties for its student, parent, and friends of its students. In the U.S, it is really different, kids go out for candy and stores open a special zone for Halloween. There are some offers for the celebration, and there are some specialty stores that sell costumes for the occasion.

In the U.S there are some other celebrations and holidays that Cuba doesn’t have. One of them is the New year. The New Year isn’t celebrated in Cuba. The New Year is known as the independence day and is celebrated from December the 31st to January the 3rd. Other celebrations that aren’t celebrated in Cuba are Thanksgiving and Spanish day.

One Holiday that isn’t celebrated in the U.S is July the 26th. This is a Historical celebration when no one goes to work for two days. This celebration is in honor of all the patriots that died in the assault of El Cuartel Moncada, which was the movement that took out of the presidency the dictator Fulgencio Batista.

Another of the Cuban most important celebrations is the culture day, which is celebrated on October 20th in commemoration the first time that the National Anthem was sung under the Spanish ruling.