Falcons hit the Orange Jungle

Candler Clark, Opinions Editor

Parkview suffered a close loss to the Brookwood Broncos on the 20th, 27 – 30. Parkview had a mediocre defensive performance in the first half, giving up 21 points. That left it at a 21 – 7 disadvantage. Even after 20 points in the second half, the team couldn’t make up the lost ground.

As the Panthers closed Brookwood’s lead in the second half, fans on both sides were on the edge of the seats. This game was high-stakes to Panther fans, considering that they were both: 1.) facing the Broncos, their biggest rival, and 2.) the Panthers were supported by the Georgia Falcons, a huge National Football League team.

Over the week, the Falcons held one event each day for their Cancer Awareness Week, beginning with their home game against the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 15 and ending with the Breast Cancer Awareness Game between Brookwood and Parkview high schools on Friday, Oct. 20.

A buzz

In their previous meeting, Brookwood got away by the skin of its teeth with a 24 – 23 win over Parkview, making this one another close victory. The margin of victory was a little more narrow than expected, seeing as Brookwood is ranked many places ahead of Parkview in the nation.

The win bumped Brookwood’s record up to 6-2. The defeat dropped Parkview’s record to 5-3.