Teacher of the year is over the “Moon” about teaching


Moon celebrates his new found title of the Teacher of the Year. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Newberry)

Catie Gelting, Features Editor

Every year, the teachers at Parkview elect a Teacher of the Year. To be elected, the teacher must first be nominated by his peer teachers and fill out an application which will be anonymously reviewed by students, teachers, parents, and community members. This process narrows the pool down to three contestants, who are then revoted by their peers. This year’s winner is Matthew Moon. A dedicated JV softball coach and math teacher, Moon was elated to receive the title. “I was excited to be nominated because it’s such an honor to be voted on by your peers,” Moon explained.

The title is not unfamiliar to him. In 2012, he received the Teacher of the Month award, and in 2014, he received his first teacher of the year award from Parkview. Moon is an University of Georgia alumni who has been teaching at Parkview for 14 years and coaching softball for ten. “I would not want to go anywhere to teach. I really love it here, and I’m a Panther through and through,” explained Moon about his commitment to Parkview.

Moon has a lively personality that students can easily relate to. His enthusiasm is illustrated by the various posters on the walls of his classroom, which feature jokes and spark thoughts. The Teacher of the Year emphasizes the need of an encouraging learning environment.  “The setting needs to be a comfortable place where [students] want to show up everyday, and if they’re having fun, they are also learning at the same time,” Moon said. Teaching a subject which is known to unnerve students, Moon suggests having students take the initiative. “I want my classroom to be student-led where they have input, which is why I implement hands-on activities and group work. The less I talk, the more time students have to reflect on concepts,” Moon explained further.

Moon has a unique take on teaching. The head JV softball coach draws a parallel between coaching and teaching and offers his award-winning wisdom. “Coaching is much like teaching. It’s about motivating the youth and improving their areas of weakness. And so, I apply many aspects of coaching in teaching as well,” said Moon. He shared a few of the many things he loves about his job and spoke highly of the Parkview community as a whole: teachers, students and athletes. “For 10 years, I’ve been blessed to have phenomenal student-athletes come through the softball program. It’s an honor to help students through their high school journey, and to have interactions inside and outside the classroom.”