Lowe’s Grant


Karen Ye, Editor in Chief

Parkview’s Special Education Department has been a longstanding symbol of the school’s dedication toward ensuring excellent education for all. With their hardworking teachers and friendly student body, the department has earned many commendations for their efforts.

The department has become the recipient of the Spring 2017 “Lowe’s Toolbox for Education” grant. Lowe’s typically donates around $5 million a year to public schools all around the nation, and has provided over $54 million toward 12,000 schools over the past 12 years. With one grant, a school can earn up to $5,000 in funds to spend towards playgrounds, gardens, or other projects.

Lowe’s typically has a Spring and Fall cycle, and limits each cycle to a 1,500 application cap. This makes the process very selective, with hundreds of schools vying for one grant. Parkview happened to receive the grant, thanks to the incredible dedication of the Special Education staff.

With the funds, the renovation of the Special Education Apartment in G Building was completed. The changes involved additional equipment and an extension of space for the students to work in.

On behalf of the Special Education Department, Kate Heier commented that, “We would love to thank Lowe’s for their generous donation and for supporting our incredible students.”