Parkview’s “The Crucible”

Catie Gelting, Features Editor

A classic play that has been required reading for students across the country for years, was performed by Parkview High School’s theater department from September 21st through 23rd. The Crucible premiered here shortly after school resumed following several inclement weather days. The cast of The Crucible had previously planned to get the bulk of their rehearsals in during the week of September 11 through 13, just a week before the show was scheduled to open. This interruption in rehearsal times due to hurricane Irma left some of the actors stressing over if they would be able to pull the show together in time, but most remained optimistic. Past theater performances have certainly shown that Parkview theater’s productions always come together under a time crunch.

On Thursday, opening night for the school, the audience was a bit sparse as I had expected. Not only had rehearsals been cut short but advertising as well, and the Crucible is already a hard sell to high school students. I was pleasantly surprised the audience wasn’t entirely composed of supportive parents, but that  high school students, either there to support their friends, or maybe for pure enjoyment, where present as well.

The performance by the students was really well done, especially considering the time crunch they were under. I was particularly impressed by the performance of  sophomore Claudia Madden who played Abigail. I have never seen such a young actor in a Parkview Theatre production perform so well in intimate scenes. Madden had many intense scenes with Jaiden Dasoni who played John Proctor. Dasoni did well as always. Senior Devon Jones played Reverend Hale and it was definitely his best performance here at Parkview. This performance showed the tremendous improvement he has made since his sophomore year.

Overall, the show went extremely well. There were a few setbacks in this production, but, as always, the Parkview Theater department’s dedication pulled the show together and presented a beautiful and timeless play to the community.