Parkviews Triumphs Shiloh

Sarah Khorasi, Sports Editor

Last week was a huge victory for the Parkview Panthers. The Panthers led our team to a record 69-0 win. Parkview’s offense was amazing at getting their passes down and not holding the ball for too long. The quarterback focused on making repeated short passes to great catchers in order to score. Within the last thirty yards, a player would go into a pocket of the field and catch the ball scoring a touchdown. Parkview’s defense was also playing extremely well, as they did not let the Generals score at all.
The first touchdown was made by Tommy Rogers, the strong safety, who was 29 feet away from the end zone. Roger’s was handed the ball and bolted down the field scoring the first of Parkview’s many touchdowns. Fred Payton, the quarterback, made a 19-yard run to the 47-yard line. From here, he made a 53-yard pass to Malik Washington, the free safety. Washington caught the ball around the 43rd-yard line and ran the ball down to the end-zone, scoring yet another touchdown for the Panthers.
Demetrius West, the running back, made a 46-yard touchdown run. Charles Jordan, the cornerback, caused the Generals to fumble the ball. Fred Payton threw a 20-yard touchdown pass to Miles Marshall, a wide receiver. Marshall gracefully caught the ball at the 4th-yard line and managed to land in the end-zone before getting tackled. Fred Payton then made a 28-yard run landing near the end zone. Unfortunately, Parkview was already on their fourth down and had to give the ball to the Generals. However, Gary Gamble, the running back, made an amazing 36-yard interception return for a touchdown. The game ended shortly after leaving the Panthers victorious in an amazing 69-0.