Just another trend in the beauty merry-go-round

Candler Clark, Opinions Editor

A few days ago, there was a hot new trend popping up on the profiles of beauty bloggers across social media: squiggle brows, which quickly turned into the hot new thing on Instagram.

The confusing trend involves using concealer, eyebrow filler, and as one beauty expert says, Elmer’s Glue to mold the eyebrows into a wave-like shape.

Of course, like any other trend, it was met with criticism; some social media users have said it makes the wearer look confused, scared and surprised at the same time, while others gave the trend acclaim, saying that it was a creative idea that takes talent and effort.

Personally, this is just another beauty trend. I don’t love or hate it, I think it just exemplifies the culture of adopting a concept and abandoning it the next day. Social media sharing has given everything to users so quickly that everything moves at a faster pace.

Back in 2007, in the early days of Youtube, viral videos used to be popular for months after their release. Now, anything, like a funny video of a boy in white vans to some post format used to convey a joke gets a ton of retweets and then dies within days, which is exactly what is occurring with this squiggly brow trend.

This constant cycle of devouring new content and being done with it immediately puts stress onto people who produce content for a living and influences how we appreciate moments throughout our lives. Instant gratification is devouring our generation as a whole, and it needs to stop.