Freshmen elect their new student council representatives

Marie Stanford, News Editor

The freshman class will elect their new student council representatives on Wednesday, September 6th during advisement. After the elections in May for the sophomore, junior, and senior student council representatives, the only positions left to fill this year are the freshman spots. This past week, students campaigned in hope of persuading their classmates to vote for them.
Hanging up campaign posters and handing out candy are just a few of the ways hopeful representatives get out their name and make a case to the freshman student body. Mckenna Sauers, who is running for class vice president, held a raffle this weekend on Instagram Live to help recruit supporters. Sauers is giving out candy, gum, and fidget spinners to students who join her campaign Remind 101.
“I want to make a difference by bringing together people in our grade,” Sauers said, “My hashtag is ‘untie to unite’ meaning we can unite our differences to be something big together.”
To run for student council, candidates had to meet certain academic and behavioral requirements, complete an application about why they should be considered for student council, and get a petition signed by at least 50 students. Candidates also had to develop a mission for the class.
Kaylynn Tran, who is running for President, said her mission is to “have a way to help the students and improve school vibes. I want to make sure there is a good leadership team for our class throughout our time in high school.”
The upper-class representatives are very enthused to welcome the new members. “I think this is a great way for the freshmen to be involved in our school and gain important leadership skills,” said Michelle Huynh, a student council member who was elected her freshman year.