A new twist on a classic novel will hit the big screen: Lord of the Females?

Candler Clark, Opinions Editor

Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a beloved dystopian novel is in the development to be a movie in Warner Bros. Yet, the writers, Scott Mcgehee and Evan Siegel are adding a twist to the classic story. Instead of all boys stranded on an island, it’s going to be girls. McGehee and Siegel have stated that they are going to try to stay true to the story; however, they are changing the most crucial point of the book.
With this being 2017, women should be able to be able to have equal roles as men. But in the case of this movie, the women should probably stay out of it. In the plot of Lord of the Flies, a group of boys are stranded on an island. Eventually, the boys turn violent, causing chaos on the island. Yet, it’s difficult to see how girls can go down the route the boys did in the book. Many of the actions in the book, involve violence that leads to people dying. Actresses haven’t been chosen yet to play the gendered bend characters. William Golding, the author, has stated that he sees this remake as a terrible idea, as it would miss the point of the book. There was a reason Golding decided to make all the characters male, as he has said,“I think women are foolish to pretend they’re equal to men – they’re far superior, and always have been.”
Critics say that if a group of girls were ever stranded on an island, they would end up a making a civilized society. The response on social media have all been for most part bad terrible, as they have criticized the writer’s ideas. Additionally, the fact that writers are two men who will write about a group of girls doesn’t sit right with people. Many people believed that the writers should at least be women
Although there was a lot of disapproval on social media, the remake will still be continued to be in development. Despite the negative response, some Parkview students look forward to the movie. Oluwakemi Bakare, a junior at Parkview, has stated “I found it very interesting, but weird since two men will be writing about women. Yet, I would go see the remake when it comes out.” Bakare has a more positive attitude towards the remake than others. Ultimately, the remake cannot be judged before it has been seen, so fans of the book will need to into the theatre open minded.